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About neli

What we do

neli is a pioneering online, membership-based community designed to provide education and support at your fingertips.

Our approach includes:

Preventive Support: We exist for women preparing for birth, and we continue to support them postpartum. Our proactive approach to providing educational content and social support helps women prepare for and mitigate the stressors of postpartum. Our aim is to teach women to recognize signs and symptoms of imbalances, advocate for themselves, and more.

Holistic Community: neli is more than just a platform; it’s a community. We provide opportunities for members to connect via our app, on social channels, and in person. We aim to reduce the isolation often experienced postpartum. We also host online events that provide access to practitioners, offering a platform for women to engage, ask questions, and learn.

Convenient Maternal Health Resource: Neli offers flexible learning opportunities through courses, classes, podcasts, and webinars. All of our content is available on-demand, allowing new mothers to engage when and where it’s most convenient for them.

Our  Team

Co-Founder, CEO

Brittany King

Co-Founder, CEO

Katie O'Muireagain

Co-Founder, Director of Community

Katrina Peaslee

Co-Founder, Director of Community
Advisor, RYT, RPYT

Tara Moeller

Advisor, RYT, RPYT

The neli community is:



Often, the fourth trimester marks the place where focus shifts from moms to their babies and, if we’re honest, we lose parts of ourselves that we never get back. Every stage of motherhood comes with new challenges, from newborns to toddlers, teens and beyond, and we want to make sure that women in all stages are supported.

Open minded.

At neli, we celebrate differences. We believe diversity is a strength, and we welcome mothers from all places, backgrounds, and viewpoints. We will love without judgement. We will laugh, cry, celebrate, and mourn with our fellow sisters in motherhood. We will share and support each other with open arms, and we’ll seriously consider viewpoints that are different from our own. After all, that’s how you learn and grow.


Our community leads with love. Mothering is hard. We’re committed to building a place where everyone leads with kindness.